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Developing and Manufacturing Optical Systems and Devices for Medical Technology

A lot of progress has been made in LED and Laser technology in recent years. We have extensive experience and expertise, particularly in developing optical systems and devices for medical technology.

Developing optical medical systems and medical devices often starts with a concept and feasibility study. We use state-of-the-art calculation programmes to simulate entire optical systems. We create models of different variants of a system that help us find optimized technical lighting solutions. We consider the availability and cost of beam sources, optical elements and system components already at the optical layout stage.

After the simulation phase, we create functional models and prototypes of the optical system. They are fully measured and characterized and then evaluated by us. Our experts collect and record all relevant data and, with the findings obtained, optimize the optical system for series production.

Of course, we will also support you in developing an entire system. Energy efficiency, temperature management, service life, developing adequate and optimized electronics, mechanic parts and software. Benefit from our many years of experience in optics, LED and Laser technology.

Our services in optics / LED / Laser:

  • Concept and feasibility studies for optical systems, LED systems and Laser systems
  • Simulation of optical systems (for example Ray-Trace analyses)
  • Optical design and layout
  • Design and assembly of functional models and prototypes
  • Metrological characterization of systems
  • Developing and optimizing optical systems and devices up to the stage of mass production
  • System development by considering relevant regulations and standards
  • Preparing the required documentation
  • Serial production of optical systems and devices for medical technology

Your medical engineering service provider for the areas of development, documentation, licensing and manufacturing in the region Forchheim, Erlangen, Nuremberg. Engineering and OEM-service provider for medical devices, software / hardware development and prototype construction.

Member of Medical Valley (Europäische Metropolregion Nürnberg), Forum MedTech Pharma e.V., Strategic Partnership for Sensor Technology and Development Association Economic Region Bamberg-Forchheim

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