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Technological/Haptic Redesign of a Medical Device (Ophthalmology):

Technological/Haptic Redesign of a Medical Device (Ophthalmology):


An innovative, internationally active medical engineering company in the area of ophthalmology.


The technological and haptic redesign of a medical device for ophthalmology.


In close cooperation with the client, we analyzed the technological foundations of the medical device as it was. By optimizing the existing components and using new parts, we were able to improve the system’s performance by a factor of four. In our choice of parts and components, we had already carried out a cost optimization. Solnovis took over the design of the optical, mechanical and electronic components; as the project progressed, we also demonstrated functionality with operating models and prototypes as close to serial production as possible. The software development was taken on by Solnovis as well. Of course, we conformed to all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and verified, validated and documented the results of the development. The haptics and usability of the chassis were optimized in conjunction with a well-known design team. What’s more, Solnovis was responsible for the organization and sub-project management of all design-related activities.


This project covered a period of one year. Development was implemented up to series-like prototypes. We had created the foundation for rapid transition to the approval and manufacturing process.

Your medical engineering service provider for the areas of development, documentation, licensing and manufacturing in the region Forchheim, Erlangen, Nuremberg. Engineering and OEM-service provider for medical devices, software / hardware development and prototype construction.

Member of Medical Valley (Europäische Metropolregion Nürnberg), Forum MedTech Pharma e.V., Strategic Partnership for Sensor Technology and Development Association Economic Region Bamberg-Forchheim

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